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At Maryvale Private, our purpose is to provide personalised, quality health care, achieving the best outcomes for our patients.

Our performance is measured during regular accreditation and guided by a range of health care initiatives and protocols focusing on patient safety and quality care. The hospital was most recently accredited in November 2019.

Maryvale Private Hospital’s quality and safety statement can be access here.


Maryvale Private is accredited against the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards every three years. The Hospital undergoes a formal, independent assessment to ensure it continues to provide safe and high-quality care.

The standards, established by the Australian Government for all public and private hospitals, provide a nationally consistent statement of the level of care we should expect from health services.

Find out more about the NSQHS standards.

Antibiotic use

Antibiotics are medicines used to treat bacterial infections. They work by killing bacteria or stopping them from multiplying and causing disease.

While the development of antibiotics has been one of the most important advances in medicine, widespread use and misuse has led to some bacteria becoming resistant to commonly used antibiotics.

Maryvale Private Hospital participates in the Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS) program to ensure appropriate use of antibiotics. These programs have been shown to reduce inappropriate antibiotic use by between 22% and 36%. The result is improved patient outcomes and reduced antibiotic resistance and complications.

Comprehensive care plans

All patients will have a comprehensive care plan. For vulnerable patients such as the elderly, this provides an added safeguard against preventable harm, including falls, blood clots and pressure injuries.

Compliments and complaints

Our staff are committed to high quality health care – and we welcome all types of feedback, from patients, families, carers and visitors. If you’d like to provide feedback about your care, please advise the team looking after you or the Department Manager.

Maryvale Private also has a sealed box situated at reception for comments and complaints. A member of the Hospital’s leadership team reviews and investigates all complaints.

Hand hygiene

Clean hands are the best protection against infection. With an increase in drug-resistant bacteria present in all hospital settings, it has become increasingly important for health care employees to follow hand-hygiene guidelines.

Maryvale Private participates in the National Hand Hygiene Initiative, aimed at standardising hand hygiene practice and having available alcohol-based hand rub in all clinical areas. Our current performance demonstrates that Maryvale Private regularly exceeds the national benchmark of 70% compliance.

Infection prevention and control

Healthcare-associated infections are one of the most common complications affecting hospital patients. The risk of such infections includes the possibility of further complications and stronger and more expensive medicines.

At Maryvale Private, we take our responsibility for infection prevention and control (IPC) very seriously.

Our IPC program includes:

  • Regular auditing of staff compliance with hand hygiene
  • Monthly auditing of compliance with antibiotic guidelines in orthopaedic surgery
  • Monthly auditing of hospital acquired infections
  • Infection control protocols for invasive treatments.
  • We have a dedicated IPC coordinator and an IPC Committee that meets every second month to review any healthcare-associated infections.

Open Disclosure

At Maryvale Private Hospital, we are committed to providing high quality and safe care for every patient. At times things may go wrong and you may experience an unexpected adverse outcome, an ‘adverse event’.

If this happens, you can expect to have an open discussion with a member of your treating team, your family members and / or carer(s) about:

  • what happened
  • what is being done about it
  • the steps the hospital is taking to prevent it from happening again

Open disclosure is the name given to this communication process. Please refer to the Open disclosure brochure or Maryvale Private Hospital’s Open Disclosure Policy.

Surveillance and Reporting

Maryvale Private participates in the Victorian Healthcare Infection Surveillance System (VICNISS). This program aims to reduce the incidence of healthcare-associated infections from multi drug resistant organisms (MDRO or superbugs) through notification of results and comparison to similar healthcare facilities.

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