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Maryvale Private Hospital is a provider for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA). 

We are pleased to provide a range of services to eligible veterans and war widows, including those listed below.

Veterans’ Liaison Officer

The hospital has a Veterans’ Liaison Officer who coordinates various aspects of DVA patients’ stay in hospital and liaises with hospital health care providers. The Veterans’ Liaison Officer is able to:

  • Provide pre-admission and discharge planning support
  • Assist in the co-ordination and streamlining of hospital care
  • Refer patients to appropriate services and resources
  • Coordinate DVA client visiting and information services in conjunction with ex-service organisations
  • Provide general health and lifestyle education, and counselling
  • Act as a single point of contact for DVA patients, their families and carers, ex-service organisations and the DVA, with particular regard to the resolution of concerns and problems

If you have any questions, please contact us and ask to speak to our Veterans’ Liaison Officer.

Veteran accounts and entitlements

If you’re an eligible veteran or war widow/er, you will not have any personal expenses for treatment at Maryvale Private Hospital and you will not receive an account.

You will, however, be charged for calls to long distance (STD), international (ISD) and mobile numbers. Local calls are free.

Types of accommodation

Under an agreement with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, eligible veterans and war widows are admitted to shared room accommodation, unless the medical condition requires single room facilities.

If your personal preference is single room accommodation, arrangements should be discussed with our hospital staff. Allocation of a single room under these circumstances will require you to meet the extra accommodation cost.

Transport to and from hospital

Some veteran patients are eligible to have transport arranged for them through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

If your visit to hospital is a planned (elective) admission, you can pre-arrange transport vouchers through your General Practitioner to cover your journey to and from hospital.

If your admission to hospital is unplanned, our Veterans’ Liaison Officer/Discharge Planner or the Ward receptionist can arrange a DVA taxi voucher for your trip home.

Further information

For further important information regarding veteran admission to hospital, please either:

  • Contact us and ask to speak to our Veterans’ Liaison Officer
  • Contact the DVA on 133 254 or the local Veterans Affairs Network Offices on 1800 838 372
  • Visit the DVA website

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